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marydog896 said: Hi there! Your pictures are so beautiful that they are inspiring! As a fellow urbexer and photographer, I would like to ask you how did you become so good...! P.s. thanks for liking my text post, i thought nobody cared :P

It’s been long since I was that flattered! I simply believe urbex is as good as the story it’s able to tell. I keep in mind my photography will never be as powerful as history behind places I’ve explored. Sovietgoner is just a strive to be the best. And so is your work, just the same :)

I’ll be waiting for more of your adventures in abandoned world, Mary!

Thank you,



andreiburcea said: Love your blog ! I really like your style of photography! Keep up the good work :)

Thank you so much, Andrei! It’s uplifting to hear I might have developed a style. And it can be liked! :)



8xball said: Do you take submissions of the same style of photography on your blog?

The heart of Sovietgoner is my own photography, but as an urbexer and Lensblr editor I’m glad I could take more than a glance at your work! I’m well interested in other explorer’s splendid photography showcased here on tumblr. Pleased to meet you :)



qbnscholar said: Oh my. The sharp geometric & random shapes; the B&W tones; the composition, with the perfectly balanced rectangular shapes on the the right (light on dark) & left (dark on void); the almost half division of textures/light. Ultra cinematic.

Once again I’m swept off my feet by your unpaired eye and knowledge, Fernando! I feel like you’re reading my mind, expressing in words every deeper thought I put in my pictures. You’re a true mentor. Thank you!


Where darkness has taken over, one can find either comfort or hint of light. A lantern to reveal beauty.


Where darkness has taken over, one can find either comfort or hint of light. A lantern to reveal beauty.


you-ride-or-die said: What's the magic or special in abandoned places? The registration of a past memory or just keeping it alive by a shot? I love your blog. Keep it up :)

It’s impossible to answer correctly! I say… both. The magic of any abandoned place is the feeling you get at the back of your head, impossible to catch or fully express. It’s the call of the past. In order to fully feast eyes and soul on dilapidating sceneries, one needs to sense the weight of countless stories which rushed through the heydays.

Well… At least that’s what I try to do! :)



mycreativevoid said): I waver between envy, jealousy and down right depression every time I see one of your posts on my dash. My camera becomes a brick in my hand. :) Great work Matt

Haha, this is one of awesomest comment to receive under a photo, Taylor! Yet I have to categorically disagree. I’m posting the response, so everyone could check and see why I consider you one of the best photographers out here. I have heaps to learn from you about using the brick :)



koppdesign said: wonderful photos on the blog, I like it very much !!!

Thank you! I appreciate your praise a lot :)


Awakened by crimson blood, that spilled from last victims of Second World War. Last sacrifices in spectacle for unmerciful God.


Awakened by crimson blood, that spilled from last victims of Second World War. Last sacrifices in spectacle for unmerciful God.


smoothcut said: I enjoyed looking at your photo blog Matt. Very interesting and beautiful in a sad kind of way. I enjoyed your captions I thought they added to the unusual flavor! Nice! Thanks for the Like on my original artwork. I appreciate it! My best wishes to you - Dave

Thank you, Dave!

There is sadness, or longing in any exploration. Photography on this blog is a record on decay of Motherland my parents and grandparents knew. And overthrew. On Soviet ruins thrives the new, gutsy Poland. A couple decades ago there were few who would believe this.

Best wishes from Wrocław!



martykazoo said: Jestem naprawdę pod wrażeniem Twoich zdjęć. Są niesamowite. Coś we mnie poruszają, z czymś mi się kojarzą. Pozdrawiam -- Martyna.

Dzięki! Takie listy przypominają mi, że wszystko co się tu znajduje to nasza Polska. Która rozpada i buduje się szybciej, niż ktokolwiek zdąży to uwiecznić.



cerunos said: Absolutely beautiful and haunting pics, your notes should be in the hundred thousands

Who knows, maybe one day…? :P

It’s hard to express how much I appreciate every person who leaves a note under my work or joins this trip. Two years ago I received a treasure of four notes under my first photo. Those three likes and a reblog gave me a lot of daring to continue. I’d never have believed on that day, that throughout this time I’d cross paths with over three thousand people who burn with same wanderlust. This is amazing.

Thank you!


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