corpse of the gone world

toastyreaper said: Your photographs are so beautiful and astounding. Every angle, color, and scene, is perfect. You are a true artist, you've done such a wonderful job.

Not even once have I decided to call myself an artist. I always believed you can become one only through others’ eyes. Thank you for finding your perfection in my work. Thank you for noticing every detail and effort. I bow before your words!



Anonymous said: Can you explain the bloody rose picture? I can't seem to see what else it could be

Of course! 'Scarlett' was one of many murals I found inside building located in ghost city of Kłomino, Poland. An unnamed artist treated whole building like canvas for his fascinating, yet little twisted mind. It was really dark in the room, so it’s hard to show that rose petals were painted to resemble meat scraps. It seemed excessive speculation until one saw the basement of the building, with cages and more gore tucked in total darkness. Unfortunately, I had far too weak flash to light up that horrific scenery. I believe it was the only time I felt really uneasy during exploration.



scotty-hottie said: Some of the best photography I've ever seen is here on your blog. I'm in love. Thank you for making my day good with this beauty!!

Such words of appreciation are grandest compliment any photographer could ever receive. There is no way way to express my gratitude… I’ll do it in every photograph I post.

Scott, thank you!



letstayhere-forever said: Beautiful. Looks like a perfect place for inspiration. Bravo!

Yeah, at first I was mad at that damn lack of any light in the scene, as I refuse to use any flash… But I guess darkness is my loyal companion :)

Thank you so much!



antoniopolophotography said: Great! Nice composition.

I fell in love with this devastated and robbed place on the first sight… even thought it took some blood as sacrifice. Not mine though… Thank you, Antonio!


creepingsilence said: Amazing! great photos great blog perfect! ;)

Thank you so much! Those are extremely pleasant words to hear ;)



bhovey90 said: I love your photography! Thank you for the follow.

Well deserved! Thank you for sharing my photography along with your thoughts, Brandon :)


themazette said: I appreciate very much your B/W photos... aestheticism in graphic desolation. I often went since a month to your blog there capturing all sensitive nostalgia. thank you for the eyes... And thank you to follow The Mazette... I'm honoured..Merci from South of Fance!

I believe that color is vital part of perpetuated beauty… Yet in soviet universe, desaturated since birth, there are qualities which define it way more completely. This is where black and white becomes not just a tool, but also a way to appreciate every aspect of austerity in this nostalgic world. Thank you for your wonderful photography! :)

Best wishes from South of Poland,



Deer Zone

With two latest pictures, 'Foreboding' and ‘Palace’ we have left green paradise of jewish cemetery, as we head to visit two temples of decay and soviet dystopia found in my hometown.

A very stub of sovietgoner was photography folder I called 'Deer Zone'. The name was result of my fascination with universe of S.T.A.L.K.E.R and name of my city which can be translated as ‘Deer Hill’… Place surrounded by mountains, forest and hundreds of palaces. Place, where waits everything dear to me. Yet there is no room for any bourgeoisie here. Even fake one, like calling old driving school a palace :)

This is my tribute to city slowly dying right before my eyes.

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