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Deer Zone

With two latest pictures, 'Foreboding' and ‘Palace’ we have left green paradise of jewish cemetery, as we head to visit two temples of decay and soviet dystopia found in my hometown.

A very stub of sovietgoner was photography folder I called 'Deer Zone'. The name was result of my fascination with universe of S.T.A.L.K.E.R and name of my city which can be translated as ‘Deer Hill’… Place surrounded by mountains, forest and hundreds of palaces. Place, where waits everything dear to me. Yet there is no room for any bourgeoisie here. Even fake one, like calling old driving school a palace :)

This is my tribute to city slowly dying right before my eyes.


marydog896 said: Hi there! Your pictures are so beautiful that they are inspiring! As a fellow urbexer and photographer, I would like to ask you how did you become so good...! P.s. thanks for liking my text post, i thought nobody cared :P

It’s been long since I was that flattered! I simply believe urbex is as good as the story it’s able to tell. I keep in mind my photography will never be as powerful as history behind places I’ve explored. Sovietgoner is just a strive to be the best. And so is your work, just the same :)

I’ll be waiting for more of your adventures in abandoned world, Mary!

Thank you,



8xball said: Do you take submissions of the same style of photography on your blog?

The heart of Sovietgoner is my own photography, but as an urbexer and Lensblr editor I’m glad I could take more than a glance at your work! I’m well interested in other explorer’s splendid photography showcased here on tumblr. Pleased to meet you :)


Where darkness has taken over, one can find either comfort or hint of light. A lantern to reveal beauty.


Where darkness has taken over, one can find either comfort or hint of light. A lantern to reveal beauty.


you-ride-or-die said: What's the magic or special in abandoned places? The registration of a past memory or just keeping it alive by a shot? I love your blog. Keep it up :)

It’s impossible to answer correctly! I say… both. The magic of any abandoned place is the feeling you get at the back of your head, impossible to catch or fully express. It’s the call of the past. In order to fully feast eyes and soul on dilapidating sceneries, one needs to sense the weight of countless stories which rushed through the heydays.

Well… At least that’s what I try to do! :)



Anonymous said: What was the circular structure before it got abandoned ?

This building served as restaurant for FWP. It was kind of Polish ‘travel agency’, preparing holidays during soviet times. Many workers could afford vacation thanks to this organisation. This is where they were dining while visiting Polish mountains. It was abandoned almost quarter century ago, during fall of communism.



gnothyself said: Filled with children?!

Yup! This outrageous place we just left served as a canteen for Worker’s Holiday Fund. It was kind of ‘travel agency’ in Soviet Poland. While parents were feasting their eyes on view of beautiful Polish mountains rising above mash on their plates, children were playing on yard inside this futuristic rotunda.

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