corpse of the gone world

drawer-s-veins said: Hi , I saw your photographs on my dashboard and then I took the time to discover your artistic universe. Without an hesitation you're one of my favorite tumblr photographer , I like discover new photographers but some like you , who make me feel something, I can't describe , it's rare. I wish I could be with you when you're looking at these unique places. Your work can't be qualified it's just unique. Thank you for sharing your photos , keep going , you are very talented ! Kisses , Diane

Diane, your letter is a praise photographers’ selfish ego longs for secretly and powerfully. I’m stunned and delighted at the same time! It’s an absolute joy, being able to invite you into my universe. Into gloomy wonderland I took so few inside. It’s amazing and I’m humbled.

I bow to your words. I’ll strive for the best!



qbnscholar said: BAM! Perhaps one of your most powerful images, among so many. Perhaps because it is so beautiful, and so haunting. Makes my brain explode with stories, and the title is superb, too. Almost envious.

Not almost, but openly envious of your ability to x-ray photographer’s thoughts! Lust… comes first. It seems a bliss. Light filling the room. It’s a light which doesn’t reveal, rather becomes a veil on the mind. Light which makes desolated room look so pure.

After Lust there is Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. And those are the titles of scenes that will appear. Some of Seven Deadly Sins fuel minds, but united together caused the ironic soviet apocalypse we witnessed half century ago. And everything that remained still reeks of them.


toastyreaper said: Your photographs are so beautiful and astounding. Every angle, color, and scene, is perfect. You are a true artist, you've done such a wonderful job.

Not even once have I decided to call myself an artist. I always believed you can become one only through others’ eyes. Thank you for finding your perfection in my work. Thank you for noticing every detail and effort. I bow before your words!



Anonymous said: Can you explain the bloody rose picture? I can't seem to see what else it could be

Of course! 'Scarlett' was one of many murals I found inside building located in ghost city of Kłomino, Poland. An unnamed artist treated whole building like canvas for his fascinating, yet little twisted mind. It was really dark in the room, so it’s hard to show that rose petals were painted to resemble meat scraps. It seemed excessive speculation until one saw the basement of the building, with cages and more gore tucked in total darkness. Unfortunately, I had far too weak flash to light up that horrific scenery. I believe it was the only time I felt really uneasy during exploration.



scotty-hottie said: Some of the best photography I've ever seen is here on your blog. I'm in love. Thank you for making my day good with this beauty!!

Such words of appreciation are grandest compliment any photographer could ever receive. There is no way way to express my gratitude… I’ll do it in every photograph I post.

Scott, thank you!



letstayhere-forever said: Beautiful. Looks like a perfect place for inspiration. Bravo!

Yeah, at first I was mad at that damn lack of any light in the scene, as I refuse to use any flash… But I guess darkness is my loyal companion :)

Thank you so much!


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