corpse of the gone world

Anonymous asked: Your photographs are awesome. Your captions are overwrought and insufferable.

Thank you, I value your input.

Watching is usually only part of perception. I believe my images are incomplete without those captions, even if they are irritating. This is the way I include impressions from places I visit.


sheleavesmewithjellylegs asked: why sovietgoner? I always favored the soviet union over many things when I did history.... but yeah, just interested. Also sorry in advance if this is a repeated question

It turns out to be a really fine question. Guess I had to answer this only once, on 1st April two years ago… when I created this place :) It might have changed since then, or maybe the name already contained several meanings. The world I portray here is already a goner, empty corpse. The places I visit are dead, even if crowded and vivacious at first sight. Ruins of soviet realm around me contain an unique element, impetus that wakes eerie wanderlust. I hope you understand what I ineptly try to describe.

I think I’m kind of a goner as well, as a human. Maybe that’s why I came up with this… And some cool names were already taken.



atomicspark asked: Powitać. Twoje zdjęcia pomogły mi podjąć decyzję - czas zacisnąć zęby i pasa i spełnić marzenie, kupić aparat. Pozdrawiam, i czekam na kolejne Twoje dzieła.

Kupno aparatu może być najlepszą decyzją Twojego życia. Jeżeli moje fotografie się do tego przyczynią, nie znam wspanialszego komplementu!



eloisavaldes asked: Great to see lensblr back! :D

We enjoy our comeback a lot. Thank you so much, Eloisa!


woundedfox asked: Ten blog jest idealny. Dziękuję Ci za niego. :)

Mówią, że ideałów nie ma, choć bardzo bym pragnął. Dziękuję Ci, że tutaj swój odnalazłaś… na śmietnisku niechcianego świata :)



mmansheim asked: Hello! What inspired you to have the idea to start taking pictures? Michael

Hi Michael! It’s a good question, honestly.

1. Couple years ago I used to shoot only at the pond next to my house. Point-and-shoot cam I got from my parents for 15th birthday in hand. Water, nature, dragonflies.

2. Stalker: Call of Pripyat came in package with five postcards containing scenes from Pripyat. I promised myself: “One day I will get there, any way possible”. All five postcards are still glued to wall in my room.

3. Meanwhile I got into airsoft. We used to shoot at abandoned, post-soviet sites of my city: factories, military zones. I saw my beloved places turned into ashes.

4. I finally understood that my promised Pripyat isn’t as far away as I thought. And I started taking pictures.



lenselover asked: I enjoy your blog so much!

And I enjoy your joy, Samantha! As much as I delight in tales of the past, beauty of springtime rain, light of full moon and cracked concrete under my feet.

Thank you.



qbnscholar: Great photo and question. I always see these types of pictures as going forth.

This is quite interesting, as it works conversely for me. Empty, abandoned corridors like 'Scarecrow' are a promise of the unknown, where the light doesn't reach.

I’m looking behind.


qbnscholar: This picture is AWESOME. But then, so is your content. Congrats.

It’s thanks to you and your support I could create this picture. Thank you, thank all of you for this warm excitement every time we meet on this post-soviet wasteland you made blossom.

See you soon!


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